Altitude Magazine N° 13.

54 The idea for Raclette on Tour was first born in 2020 when Noah Bonvin realised that organizing an evening based around the traditional Swiss cheese fayre, raclette, could be more complicated than expected. He noticed that some people find it difficult when it comes to sourcing the cheese, selecting the accompanying wines and choosing the best person to be the scraper during the dinner. And it was this notion that formed the idea of creating a small catering service specializing in raclette. Noah began the enterprise alone before joining forces with Ophélie Aebischer and Charlotte Loretan. This is how Raclette On Tour Sàrl was born in June 2022. But what is Raclette On Tour? Noah, Ophélie and Charlotte have launched themselves into catering, events and, more recently, restaurants. As far as catering is concerned, they take care of organising your raclettes and offer you a tailor-made event where good humour, conviviality and quality are the order of the day! The best local products are RACLETTE ON TOUR THE ART OF VALAIS RACLETTE local life