Altitude Magazine N° 13.

55 ALTITUDE selected just for you. All you have to do is choose the date, the place, the number of guests and on the day of the event, one of the racletteurs will go to the destination and take care of everything: setting up, service, presentation of the products, and tidying up. Depending on your wishes, you can also accompany your raclettes with Valaisan platters or excellent fruit tarts for dessert. Their chef’s raclette gives a little extra twist to this popular dish. As well as the team’s expertise and good quality local products Noah adds his little touch. He is keen to help you discover new combinations of flavours, so he offers to spice up your raclettes with garlic, truffle oil or even Ugandan chilli pepper. Ophélie laughs and tells us: “It’s a bit like Noah in the form of Raclette. It includes his father’s Valais cheese and the Ugandan chilli pepper, a tradition brought back by her mother. Even if people are sometimes a bit dubious at first, they always end up being delighted by this new discovery of flavour combinations.