Altitude Magazine N° 13.

40 Anne-Laure, you are now the owner of the institute. Can you tell us about the history of your salon? We have been in Montana for ten years. However, the history of the institute is much longer. It was Nino who founded the salon in the 1970s. He offered a hairdressing and nail service, accompanied by his wife. I joined him 26 years ago as my first position. When he reached retirement age, I took over the management of the business. However, Nino still works here, even though he has retired. The family atmosphere, the passion for his work, and the bond he has created with his customers, keeps him staying with the business. Thanks to the beautician training I took after my hairdresser training, I was able to add beauty care to the various services we offer. I wanted to extend the range that we offer, because I find it interesting to be able to offer complementary therapies. The institute has also moved and we are very lucky to be located in the centre of the village. The area is very lively. There is a car park nearby and a bus stop on our doorstep. TRILOGIE BEAUTÉ At trilogie beauté, you will be assured of a warm welcome by Anne-Laure, Nino, Cléa and Elsa. The strength of this clinic lies in the diversity of what it can offer and in the fields of expertise of its staff. Nino and Anne-Laure bring with them lots of experience while Cléa and Elsa have a fresh, modern take on what customers desire – but together they create a wonderful, family atmosphere. Here, you will find three areas of beauty: hairdressing, nail art and aesthetics. Their common values as a team drive them to continuously train, share their knowledge and use a partly organic range of treatments. With them, customers can be assured of a constantly extending and improving service. local life