Altitude Magazine N° 13.

23 Private individuals pay as private individuals. For companies, the waste is collected every Friday morning. This means that the current week can be finished without worrying about waste and that the following week can be looked forward to without this burden. As for the future, Stefano wants to diversify. For example, he would like to offer agreements to building caretakers. The company can offer bundles for all the flats in a complex and provide a fair price shared among the occupants. He would also like to expand the range of waste taken back. La Récup' sorts everything that can be taken to the waste disposal centre. The service offered to households ranges from food, to compost, to grass clippings. However, the company is not yet able to handle, for example, compost or oil from restaurants, but wants to expand so that it can meet the needs of all its customers, whatever their size. Moreover, when we talk about the future of La Récup', Stefano is true to himself. Always looking to progress, the young Lensard wants to continue training. It's not just a personal challenge. He also wants to improve his skills so that he can offer his customers an even more varied and specific service. One thing is certain: La Récup' is still in its infancy. ALTITUDE english version