Altitude Magazine N° 13.

quantities has become a burden, La Récup' offers specialised subscriptions for everyone. Stefano is aware of the complexity of the sorting system. Although the new generation has been made aware of the issue, a large part of the population has had to adapt quickly. For example, the elderly people in his village who, despite the desire to sort, find this exercise complicated. For Stefano, his mission is not only to help but also to inform. If you have any problems sorting your waste, he will be happy to explain how it works. Indeed, throwing everything in the taxed bags is not only very expensive but also very polluting. He wishes to lighten the workload of his customers while offering them reasonable prices. The company offers two systems: a subscriptionbased system and an on-call system. Agencies, individuals or events can, for example, use the company's services for individual events, such as clearing out a flat or after a festival. The company wants to make its service as accessible as possible. For example, tourists at the end of their stay can contact him. Stefano speaks English and appointments can even be made directly on the La Récup' website. A reservation can be made entirely online. The subscription system is based on the monthly needs of the customers. For a household, for example, La Récup' may come once or twice a month, at a specific time and date decided upon when the contract is signed. Stefano insists on the importance of regular visits, allowing individuals to organise their sorting more effectively. He wishes to reassure his clients that, thanks to various agreements, although the Récup' is a company, waste removed from private homes is not taxed. 22 local life