Altitude Magazine

47 ALTITUDE it bangs! Enough for a headache! It’s true, Dorothée told me! There is some grass too, chickens and even a balancing performance act! Yes, yes, you’ll see! Without forgetting, Mélodie, Mirette … and Coquine! Make yourself comfortable in your seat, it begins like this: It’s four o’clock, Paris is still sleeping, so does Crans-Montana! We’re in Merdechon, to be precise the Alpage of Merdechon! Elsewhere doesn’t exist anymore! 2100 meters high, about 10 degrees, it’s still night! Jean-Roger, Jean-Marc et Ilie are getting up! Di-ding, di-ding, di-ding, dong, ding, di-ding, di-ding…, meuh! Meuh? No, it sounds more like Meeeeuhhh! They’re getting impatient! Now that I speak cow since I have spoken with them, it would mean something like <<Come on you guys, move your butt! We’d like to see you with full teats, you bunch of machos!>> No doubt about it, it’s milking time! english version