Altitude Magazine

48 About thirty beasts are waiting, they’re the whites! Not that they are all of that color, some have brown spots, others are “café au lait’’ or mouse grey! Or maybe taupe grey, hard to tell, it’s still night! One thing is sure, they’re not black! The milking trailer is here! They’re ready! Meuhhh! Three at a time, they will spend a few minutes in this big trailer! In the length, on the right a passageway guides them to one of the three milking boxes. No need to insist! They’re smart and they are happy to leave some ballast and know, that while the machine is tickling their nipples, they get a little reward, right there in the feeder under their nose! The shepherds are doing their job, the milking machines too and, as things progress, Jean- Roger pours the milk in the ‘milk bottles’. These beautiful aluminum objects that look at you and smile when you lift the lid! local life