Altitude Magazine

46 C onsortage, allodiateur, pieds de fond… or boille, présure, tranche-caillé… Does that tell you anything? No? Brigande, Samba, Camelotte…or perhaps Vagabonde, Cerise, Galoche? Ever heard of them? Ha, none at all! Then maybe you know Dorothée and Jean- Roger, Mathias their son, Valérie, Jean-Marc, Vlad or Ilie? None again? Really! Well, you can’t remain ignorant, maybe you come from a city, don’t worry we forgive you! Or maybe you come from far far away! I’m going to try to help you discover this universe. I may be a little clumsy and probably some purists will say, no no, it’s not like this! The truth is that even if I play smart, for most of it, I’m too discovering this world of alpine pasture up in the mountain. ’’Alpage’’ as it is called. Get ready to hear the bells ring! There are even horns, yes, yes, horns! And sometimes THE ALPAGE OF MERDECHON local life Text and images: Jean-Blaise Pont