Altitude Magazine N° 13.

86 The future belongs to those who get up early and when it comes to the future, Philippe Barras knows what he is talking about. This family man goes to work every day at 5am. He is proud of his company, and with good reason. His journey began in the early 1990s, just after he finished an apprenticeship as an electrical fitter. Philippe Barras joined the family business, which was then run by his father. For years, he learned the tricks of the electrician's trade and never imagined he would leave this professional field. Gradually, he took on more and more responsibilities in the company and it was only natural that when his father retired, Philippe Barras became the manager of the company. He immediately wanted to change everything and when he had an idea in his head, tomorrow was already too late. Thus, the dynamism of Mr. Barras is exerted throughout his company, and drives it forward. Today, J.P. Barras offers various services; electrical installations and renovations, maintenance of electrical systems, repair and maintenance of buildings as well as maintenance of household appliances. In addition, the company has a shop, Shop in Crans, located in the centre of Crans-Montana, which has a section dedicated to hardware and another section dedicated to tableware. Customers will be welcomed with smiles and enthusiasm as well as a diverse range of quality merchandise. As far as the services offered are concerned, it should be noted that Mr Barras has made it his mission to fulfil customer satisfaction and there are few requests that do not result in a positive response. Quality and dynamism are the hallmarks of the company managed by Philippe Barras. When asked how he sees the future, the manager of J.P. Barras replies that he is aiming for evolution. Whether it's the good of his employees or the quality of his work, what matters to him is to move forward, to improve and to perfect himself. It may seem surprising, but although it is a family business, established in the region for many years, it is the future that Mr. Barras has his eye on. SHOP IN CRANS local life