Altitude Magazine N° 13.

57 ALTITUDE You have to understand that it’s still traditional PDO raclette that we’ve simply enhanced with quality products.” Another novelty is that they have recently created new partnerships, notably with the Association des Encaveurs de Sion, who have also offered to take over the management of the Caveau de la Poste, the former Caveau de l’Amicale des Encaveurs de Bramois. If you use their services, you will have the opportunity to taste their quality wines. “The inauguration was a great success. It motivates us to have a new challenge, that of reviving this place. It’s a real pleasure to see the place fill up with people of all ages”, explains Charlotte. After proving itself in the Valais, Raclette On Tour is also starting to be successful outside the canton, and more and more events are springing up all over French-speaking Switzerland. When asked why they are so ambitious, Ophélie answers: “It’s a heritage, we learned to scrape with our parents and grandparents. It’s really important for us to honour this heritage and bring it up to date. We know that raclette is not very glamorous at first [laughs] but we make a great effort to make it young. Raclette is open to everyone, not just 60-year-old uncles”.