Altitude Magazine N° 13.

45 ALTITUDE On the other hand, Nino and Anne-Laure's experience allows me to familiarise myself with older, very practical techniques to which I would not have had access. I watch how they work and adapt. Fashion is cyclical and when a new trend comes along they already have the necessary technical knowledge. I also love working with an apprentice. I enjoy passing on my experience and seeing her progress. It also allows me to review the basics. I would like to train to become an apprentice master myself. If Anne-Laure retires in the future, I would like to take over and take on more responsibility. The institute defends strong values, do you find you share this philosophy? I really appreciate the values of the salon. For us, clients are not numbers. It's important to us to build a relationship with our clients. We like to take time with them, so that they feel comfortable and want to come back. I also agree with Anne-Laure's desire to promote organic products. At the time, I worked in a hair clinic specialising in essential oils for hair growth. I was able to put my experience into practice here. I value natural products very much. As I promote this practice in my daily life, I am happy to be able to bring it to clients. We can't make our own organic products, so we work with brands that share our vision. We work closely with our suppliers and their representatives, so that they can keep us up to date with the latest products and train us in their use. The pace of new products is quite fast. We are supported and trained in this area and are always up to date with the latest developments. This is a constant challenge for us. We hate being bored. Seasonal lulls are important because they give us more time to test the different products on ourselves. This is interesting for our seasonal customers, who can find new products every time they come in, and also for our regular customers, who benefit from a constantly improved offer. And you, Elsa, how is your apprenticeship going? I really enjoy my work here. I feel that we are a team that helps each other. We are all there for each other. As an apprentice, I feel comfortable and valued. Moreover, I realise the quality of my training. I am learning a lot and I feel well looked after. If I have questions, they take the time to answer them. Moreover, I bring my family and my girlfriends here. My parents know Anne-Laure well. They trust her for my training and this trust is justified.