Altitude Magazine N° 13.

42 What is the specificity of trilogie beauté? Our specificity is to offer the three fields of beauty: hairdressing, nail care and aesthetics. The balance between the three areas is important. We appreciate the variety of work and it makes it a very pleasant for all of us. In addition, customers appreciate being able to enjoy all the treatments at the same place. For example, while your colour is on, you can have your nails done. We also have a large male clientele. Often people come with their families. We take care of both children and parents. The atmosphere is very family friendly. Some customers have been loyal to us since the institute started. Fifty years of loyalty is no mean feat! We have a family and local spirit, which is reflected in our clientele. However, the tourists who visit our resort also bring us different ideas and a welcome dose of challenge. As the seasons change, some tourists become regular customers, who are also part of the core customer base. The variation of the seasons is very interesting for us. It brings us something new. We never get bored! We speak French, Italian, English and German, which allows us to welcome our customers in their mother tongue. The new generation is aware of this and is learning new languages. You all seem to have a very different profile. Can you introduce your team? Apart from Nino and I, we work with an employee, Cléa, and train an apprentice, Elsa. This is very beneficial to us as owners, but also to the customers. Nino was already training apprentices and I wanted to do the same. Training and sharing our trade is important to us. Bringing together the young people who will take over with Nino's experience and mine creates the identity of the salon. This mix of generations also allows us not to get stuck in our habits. It is a constant challenge. For example, the apprentice brings back to the institute all the new products she learns about at school. This brings us a lot of fresh ideas. Customers can benefit from the vision of young people, who are always aware of new trends, and the know-how of more experienced employees which is important to us. Can you present your offer and your treatments? We offer a comprehensive range of hairdressing services. As there are four of us in this field, we can offer a varied and complete service. As far as nail care is concerned, our offer is also very developed. We have always worked with O.P.I. who have a great range of the latest products. I am the only one who is active in beauty care. In this area, I prefer organic products. We work with Estime Essence. Organic is important to us. Although in the beauty world it is difficult to offer organic products, we try to use as many products as possible without parabens or ammonia. I have always tried to use as many natural products as possible. Here, customers can receive facials, body treatments, foot care, as well as waxing. Clea, you've been working here for five years. What makes you want to stay? I really like the family spirit that I find at the salon every day. I consider the people I work with as my second family! We have found each other, we all share the same values. When I get up in the morning, I look forward to coming to work. The international clientele also stimulates me enormously. You always learn more. You adapt to new situations. You always have to be up to date with products and trends. It pushes us to be at the cutting edge of what's new. I love change and I'm eager to learn. Here, I can learn little by little about nail art and beauty. Anne-Laure not only allows me to train, she encourages me to do so. local life