Altitude Magazine N° 13.

20 Stefano started his professional life as a cabinetmaker. This jack-of-all-trades then worked for various companies, which gave him a general view of the professional world and its needs. Three years ago, driven by the need for a challenge, the idea of becoming self-employed was born. Stefano has always been sociable by nature. His attachment to his village and his desire to help others are his driving forces. On top of that, he has a strong ecological conscience. For him the natural question was: What can he do to help the inhabitants of Lens, while taking an extra step for the planet? The answer gave rise to La Récup'. Indeed, several cantons offer their populations a sorting assistance system. Unfortunately, this service does not exist on the high plateau. After coming up with his concept, Stefano spent several months gathering information, training and creating various agreements with the waste disposal centre. It was then quite naturally, by offering quality work, and above all by word of mouth, that his company became established in his area. La Récup' offers a personalised sorting service that is accessible to all. Whether it's for households, for whom trips to the waste collection centre have become timeconsuming, for individuals for whom the sorting system is tedious, for tourists who don't want to waste their precious holiday time dealing with waste, or for companies for whom managing large LA RÉCUP’ We all know the headache of waste separation. Between the difficulties of sorting and the weekly trip to the waste disposal centre, many companies and individuals see this task as a chore. To solve this problem and make your life easier, Stefano Montagnolo, a young resident of Lens, created La Récup' three years ago. Behind this company is a simple motto: “La Récup' takes care of everything, you take care of nothing!” In other words, they come to your home and dispose of your waste for you. Thanks to this service, you can say goodbye to trips to the sorting centre. local life