Altitude Magazine N° 12.

65 ALTITUDE english version pleasant as possible, special attention has even been paid to ice cubes. Indeed, the ice machine it has is specially designed for cocktails, which prevents your drink from being diluted too quickly and thus loses its authentic taste. To all this is added of course a selection of Champagnes and other strong alcohols that you will have any leisure to consume at table or standing! If you step through the door of the Moon Bar, the supporters of Ketty and Ivan Riceputi, as well as their team in whom they have great confidence, will do everything in their power to make your evening memorable. Ivan’s last word? «Take care to eat well, to make you happy and we’ll take care of the rest!». And if you didn’t know where to start your evening, why not go to the Plaza held by the same couple? Afterwards, you just have to cross the road to immerse yourself in the world of the Moon Bar, the disco bar not to be missed during your outings. MOON BAR Rue Centrale 25, 3963 Crans-Montana +41 (0)76 713 23 05