Altitude Magazine N° 12.

64 The concept behind this disco bar is simple: it’s not because you’re in your 20s that you don’t sometimes want to go out and have fun and party. It is precisely this evidence that makes Ketty and Ivan Riceputi want to open a place that is suitable for a slightly higher age group: the Moon Bar. On the program, spend a beautiful evening in a place that offers quality service. And rest assured, everything has been planned and organized for this purpose. Within the hotel you can, according to your wishes, sit comfortably around a table and place your order, or head straight to the dance floor and opt for a service at the bar. And for those who would like to make their evening even more special, it is also possible to book a VIP table near the DJ’s booth; this will allow you to dance in his company until the end of the night (or at least until 2 in the morning). Don’t forget to book, especially during high season, these places are extremely popular! Fancy a cocktail? Bartenders will be happy to make you one of the 80 cocktails planned à la carte. The quality is always there, you can also let yourself be tempted by the selection of Gins and make your choice among more than thirty different kinds. You will be pleasantly surprised to see that the attention to detail is in the spotlight and that each Gin is accompanied by its own decoration. Always with a view to making your evening as local live