Altitude Magazine N° 12.

40 about 30 employees, many of whom are young. When they receive good comments about one of the employees, Irénée posts them on the coffee machine. For him it is all about the people who create the company. Another value that is close to the company’s heart is ecology. However, for them it is not a trend but an obligation. Just as a farmer does not betray his land, a carpenter does not waste his wood. It is a matter of course rather than of research. Nor is it a political programme. The company is even autonomous with its use of electricity. As for the wood, it is mainly Swiss. The company works in a short circle. The spruce, for example, is entirely of Swiss origin. The rarer woods, on the other hand, are of indigenous origin, which means that they come from the countries bordering Switzerland. Although deeply rooted in its history, the Antoine Pralong company is looking towards the future. In its desire to diversify, it is in the process of creating a partnership with a real estate e-marketing company. As for future projects, Irénée has plenty on his mind. This guitarist at heart would like to combine his two passions and perhaps create a guitar. Or why not integrate a start-up into the company? For this boss who firmly believes in youth, their inventiveness can only be beneficial. As you can see, Antoine Pralong has succeeded brilliantly in finding harmony between a century of know-how and the challenges that the future holds for the profession. local live ANTOINE PRALONG Rte Cantonale 23, 3971 Crans-Montana +41 (0)27 483 24 54