Altitude Magazine N° 12.

39 ALTITUDE english version When you enter the resort of Crans-Montana there are many things to catch the eye; the magnificent Valais mountains, the sunny plain, our steep roads and the surprising six-metre clamp on the roof of a building. It is the Antoine Pralong joinery company making itself known. This family business straddles many contradictions; it is both steeped in history yet looking to the future, it mixes traditional skills with modern practices, can cater for large or small orders and can accommodate everything related to joinery and carpentry from the very specific to more general requests. Founded in 1916 by Antoine Pralong, he was the only carpenter in the village. He would work, saw and plane the wood using his basic tools even at the weekends. This master craftsman catered for all the inhabitants of Chermignon throughout their lifetimes, from cots to coffins. Over the years, three of his children joined him in the running the business and they oversaw its technological advancement. The company grew in line with the development of the resort of Crans-Montana, the tools were adapted and specialised. As the orders piled in the company grew. Antoine’s grandson, Irénée, arrived as an apprentice in 1984. Aware of the complexities of the modern profession he began studying wood engineering and in 2015 he took over the management of the company from his brother. What is surprising when visiting the company’s premises is the enormity of the machines. The company’s century-old know-how contrasts with the presence of extremely precise and modern machinery. The wood can be processed by the skilled hands of the carpenter or by computer. In the case of the latter, everything takes place in the office. Irénée creates custom-made pieces by computer. The raw wood is then placed in a machine and the piece is cut to the nearest millimetre a few metres away. Antoine, who was passionate about machines, would certainly be fascinated by the company’s automation. The company specialises in Alpine construction work, whether it be carpentry or joinery. The company’s motto is “do it all and do it here”. From the construction of large structures to creating the finer details on pieces of balustrade the company covers a wide remit, specialising in renovations. Antoine Pralong can can offer: window production, interior joinery such as doors or staircases, wood construction such as frameworks or balconies, or complete design of stylish kitchen or bathroom fittings, to name but a few. Each project is made to measure. From the choice of materials to the aesthetic details, everything is done according to the customer’s taste. The company can create your dream staircase or raise a building by more than one floor without having to evict the tenants. From the renovation of a hotel, to the raising of a chalet, to the installation of a church’s roof structure, anything is possible at Antoine Pralong. Antoine Pralong works with numerous tradesmen, all from the region. If, for example, you want to renovate your chalet, the collaboration between interior architects and the company is ideal. While one brings a sense of aesthetics, the other brings the more technical side. All you have to do is install an application on your smartphone and your cottage is recreated in 3D. From there, you can move furniture, remove framing, build and deconstruct spaces while you are on the other side of the globe. This technique will allow you to visualise the exact renovation proposals for your property. For Irénée, the company is not only machines and know-how, it is also a philosophy, a set of values and, above all, people. The company now has ANTOINE PRALONG FEET ANCHORED IN A DECADE OF KNOW-HOW AND EYES TURNED TOWARDS THE FUTURE