Altitude Magazine N° 12.

28 THE WINE IS NOT TO BE OUTDONE Mauro Parachini does not stop at the dishes, but develops, in association with a Valaisan winegrower, Philippe Darioly, «Le vin que j’aime» (The wine I like) which he offers to his customers and which accompanies the combination of Valaisan and Piedmontese cuisine. He even manages to convince Philippe Darioli to blend his traditional Gamay with Merlot, which gives it more character and tannins to create the house wine that he calls «Le vin que j’aime». He goes to the end of his project by designing the label himself. He also plans to invite local winemakers to wine evenings to present the different wines in association with the menu. By presenting his products, the winemaker tells his story; that of his work and his passion, through this nectar synonymous with conviviality and shared emotions. FROM PIEDMONT TO THE ROAD... As you leave the restaurant, you will see a shelf with an appetizing assortment of artisanal products, such as homemade sausages, Mamma’s pomegranate sauce, homemade pasta and artisanal drinks. gastronomy AU CENTRE Rue Thèodore Stéphani 4, 3963 Crans-Montana +41 (0)27 481 36 68