Altitude Magazine N° 11.

74 local life when it is necessary, whether it is for private individuals or for companies. The company offers different computer equipment according to the needs of its various customers. The employees analyse the criteria and the use of each one in order to propose the most adequate solution for each setting. The equipment will then be available within 24 to 48 hours of the order being placed. Whether you are looking for a lighter, portable, slim, discreet device or a powerful machine with a greater weight and a large screen, Quick- Soft will listen to you, advise you and find the computer that suits you. In addition, the various employees will gladly take a few hours with a customer to assist them. Whether it's about how to read your e-mails, how to use a program, how to make a video conference or how to use and configure tablets for the whole family, Quick-Soft will be happy to help you. The company goes even further and, where possible, offers basic computer training sessions. Quick-soft was founded in 2002 by Aristide Bagnoud. After he retired in December 2012, the company was taken over by Rafael Rosiglioni, who had been employed since 2011 as a technician and had become his right-hand man over the years. This summer Raphael celebrates his 10th anniversary with the company. Initially Quick-soft was based in Sierre in an engineering office. In 2003, the company moved to the Haut-Plateau and opened a shop in Crans. Today, four staff are employed at the site and they are looking to expand their team. This requires training up the younger generation. This is why the company has been training apprentices for a few years now and supervising them from the beginning to the end of their training. Rafael did not originally come from the world of IT. He trained as a draughtsman in civil engineering. But after his studies he went to work in Lausanne as a computer engineer, where he completed a Federal Certificate in Computer Science, before returning to the Valais and joining Aristide Bagnoud at Quick-Soft. The pandemic situation has changed people's relationship with computers. With the explosion of teleworking, all those who have a second home have come to live in the resort for longer periods of time and have been working from here. This change has created a need for high-performance computer equipment. It has also been necessary to find ways of offering the same working tools at home as in the office. More and more companies are now working with online hosted software and employees no longer need to be in the office to use the software. They can work as if they were in the office, but from home. Quick-Soft actively participates in this transition by providing the necessary hardware when a company does not use online software. However, teleworking is also a source of risk. The dangers of hacking are greatly heightened. This is why Quick-Soft also offers companies, and private individuals, customised backup solutions to ensure that data is well backed up. This is an essential part of homeworking and an area that the company is keen to promote. Quick-Soft wants to make its customers aware of the importance of this approach. It is impossible to protect a company from a computer attack, the best security is therefore a backup. Quick-Soft proposes integrated solutions by backing up the data of the customers at their home or office. This makes it possible, in the event of a massive attack which targets the data on the system, to restore the data previously stored. If you wish to make an appointment, Quick- Soft is open every afternoon from 2pm to 6pm out of season and all day during the summer season. You will always find a staff member in the morning, ready to deal with customers and help with maintenance work. The company can be reached by phone, e-mail and, soon, via social networks. Quick-Soft Rue Centrale 14, 3963 Crans-Montana +41 (0)27 480 10 52