Altitude Immobilier

31 ALTITUDE beginners and professionals where everyone, regardless of their level, can progress to their own limit. Not content with creating such facilities, Alaia Chalet also has a bar on the upper level,  multimedia room and music studio. And there is a plan to create co-working space. Youngsters can make the most of their exciting camps which take place during the school holidays for those aged eight and above for day camps and those over 10 for residential stays. At the camps, the coaches will put the youngsters through their paces whatever level the are at - from newcomer to skilled.  Media camps are also offered where the children are given a GoPro camera for the week so they can film and document their experiences. They then have the chance to use the multimedia room to edit their videos to make an amazing memory of their stay.  The winning formula of Alaia Chalet is to provide a balance of adrenalin thrills, progression of their skills and the enjoyment that comes from both. FUTURE PROJECTS New project work starts at the end of the year with a plan to open in 2021 for a wave machine basin. Then visitors will be able to ski and surf on the same day! english version