Altitude Immobilier

30 local life W ho has ever dreamed of trying out skateboarding, scootering or trampoline skills but been too scared to give it a go? Now anyone from the beginner to the professional can learn new skills or perfect existing ones at Alaia Chalet, which has more than 5000sq metres of indoor and outdoor space geared up to these exciting extreme sports.  There are also the facilities for BMX, rollerblading, freestyle skiing and snowboarding, gymnastics and even cheerleading with all open to all ages, young and old alike. All the courses are all crafted in wood and have been designed by the same Californian firm which is behind the Olympic Games sites so visitors can practise on competition-level courses. Inside the site in Lens, 2400sq metres are given over to a skatepark with a bowl, a pumptrack and a Big Air ramp with an airbag to land in. There is also a 600sq metre trampoline and gym area where most  of the freesytle, parkour, gymnastics and cheerleading activities take place.  Outside, there is a skatepark space composed of a street plaza going into a bowl with three levels as well as a ski and snowboard jump. Alaia Chalet aims to be a training facility for Swiss and international freestyle skiers and snowboarders, enabling them to train indoors as well as at Crans Montana's snow park. But it also offers courses to those of all abilities. Safety is the primary concern at the site and helmets and protective wear are mandatory for those aged 16 and under while adults are encouraged to use them. The coaches find the less the risk of injury, the more progress individuals make. Alaïa Chalet takes its name from the very first surfboards that were at that time used only by Hawaiian royalty. The name makes more sense when you consider that surfing is considered by many to be the ultimate sport from which all boardsports come.  In fact skateboarding was invented by surfers who wanted something to do when the waves were too flat to surf. The idea for the project was sparked after Adam Bonvin and two of his friends, Romain Magnin and Marc-Antoine Burgener went surfing abroad. During their trip they noticed there was a lot more infrastructure for action sports  than at home in Switzerland. So they formed the idea of creating something special that could cater for extreme sports indoors and outdoors back home. And their primary goal with Alaia Chalet has been to create a site that can cater for ALAÏA CHALET