Altitude Magazine N° 12.

87 ALTITUDE english version invasion and dispossession of Aboriginal peoples. The series Cloud and Sacrifice, as well as Michael Riley's film Empire, chronicle the complex effects of the introduction of Christianity, while Tracey Moffatt and Tony Albert's images point to stereotypical representations of Aboriginal peoples and the multiple forms of racism they suffer. Robert Fielding, the son of a child of the stolen generations, highlights the collision of Western and Aboriginal cultures in his series Objects of Origin. TRADITIONAL WAMULU PAINTINGS Using a yellow flower that grows abundantly in the Alice Springs region as a base material, these floor mosaics are made for ceremonial purposes and disappear once the ritual is over. They were made permanent in a unique art project that took place in the Central Desert between 2002 and 2005. The themes of the works correspond to the main Dreams of the desert regions, such as Fire, Water and Emu. These Wamulu floor OPALE FOUNDATION: FUGITIVE PRESENT From 12 June to 6 November 2022, the Fondation Opale in Lens/Crans-Montana brings together for the first time two particular types of work: contemporary photographs from Australia's urban centres and traditional Wamulu floor paintings.