Altitude Magazine N° 12.

53 ALTITUDE to the building. This team has been able to bring together under one roof all the positive things they have learned from their different life experiences. Together, they are working to help people cultivate better habits and create a place where they can find a new way to work, whether physically or mentally: “It’s about helping people find a joy in life and movement, while boosting their productivity” explains the CEO of MAVERICKS. Jessica also points out that MAVERICKS is not an approach in itself. It is rather the result of a journey, the fusion of all the positive experiences acquired during their travels, coupled with her passion for training in sport. …DIFFERENT FORMS MAVERICKS Club From Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm, CLUB members have access to the facilities and activities with a monthly or annual subscription: • COWORKING CLUB: designed for those who want to combine a work-life balance during their stay/stay in Crans-Montana, focused on a philosophy of well-being at work. • FITNESS CLUB: group classes and physical development workshops for sport and well-being: from circuit training to outdoor fitness, yoga, Tai Chi, pilates bar, functional training and the latest progressive training methods. MAVERICKS ACADEMY & EVENTS Fun, active and educational weekends! The team of experts and coaches offer events, workshops and animations to welcome a wider audience passing through Crans-Montana. MAVERICKS STAY MAVERICKS offers tailor-made solutions to spend more time in Crans-Montana, alone or as a team. Explore “The Mavericks Way!” - this is their way of life and their philosophy. MAVERICKS ACTIVE WORKSPACE Rue Louis-Antille 4, 3963 Crans-Montana