Altitude Magazine N° 12.

50 What is MAVERICKS Active Workspace? Above all, it is a unique multi-purpose space, conducive to exchange, wellbeing and work. This space is dedicated to the professionals of Crans-Montana, so that they can benefit from a pleasant working environment. To this end, the space also hosts educational events, corporate training, fitness workshops and much more. Thanks to the interview with Jessica Z. Christensen, CEO of MAVERICKS Active Workspace, I invite you to discover together this extraordinary place. WHAT IS MAVERICKS? ... ... AN ADVENTURE To understand what MAVERICKS is, we have to go back in time almost ten years. At that time, at the London Olympic Games, Jessica Z. Christensen met the man who was to share her life. This meeting plunged her into the world of sport, events and marketing, and marked the beginning of a new adventure. With many years of experience gained in the UK, they decided to leave everything behind and travel together to do business consulting in the sports and digital marketing fields. It would be too ambitious to list the many countries they travel to, but to satisfy the curiosity of some, here are a few: Costa Rica, the Philippines, South Africa and much of the USA. This long adventure has also led them to discover new training methods that promote a holistic approach to sport. These experiences acquired during their travels will not be lost. On the contrary, they will be carefully preserved and brought back with them to Valais. Indeed, three years ago, after living in South Africa, the couple finally settled in Crans-Montana. Their lives were soon disrupted as the COVID-19 came knocking on every door and the first confinement soon followed. Nevertheless, from this difficult period, the couple manages to bring out the positive. The first thing they notice is that their life in the middle of the lockdown is almost as active as usual, if not more so. They soon realise, however, that for many people around them it can be extremely difficult to work from home. The result? An idea emerges and MAVERICKS begins to emerge. ... A HOLISTIC VIEW OF TRAINING AND SPORT The philosophy of such an approach is to take into consideration the human being in all its diversity. All the sports offered in this infrastructure are aligned with this vision and aim to help the individual to regain physical and mental well-being. Several group classes and workshops are offered, such as: circuit training at the outdoor fitness centre, Yoga, Tai Chi, Barre Pilates and many others. It should be noted that there is no fitness centre with machines. My question on the subject amused Jessica, who explained to me with a great deal of kindness that the word “fitness” is often misused: “It’s a bit like saying ‘I’m going to go to the restaurant to eat’. In fact, the expression “fitness” in English expresses a state of being, an approach, even a practice, and not a place. Thus, within MAVERICKS, you will have the opportunity to relearn the approach of fitness without machines. ... A PHILOSOPHY “The MAVERICKS Way” is based on three fundamental pillars: EXLORE. MOVE. THRIVE, the aim being to share this philosophy, this way of life, with people around the world who also adhere to it. Jessica explains: “MAVERICKS is like a portal to the outside world. ... A PASSIONATE TEAM Behind the scenes of MAVERICKS is a specific team whose members are driven by a great passion for their activity and who all have the will to contribute MAVERICKS ACTIVE WORKSPACE THE RESULT OF AN ADVENTURE. local live