Altitude Magazine N° 11.

87 ALTITUDE english version concessions in order to have a dish that is as local as possible. Our menu is composed of many products with Valais and Swiss certification. Your restaurant offers several surprising concepts. Where do these ideas come from and what experience can future customers expect when booking a table with you? As mentioned before, we try as much as possible to live in harmony with the environment surrounding the restaurant. In addition, we try to constantly reinvent ourselves by introducing several small concepts integrated into the overall restaurant concept. In my opinion, the best part of having a restaurant is being able to think about and create its concepts from scratch. Every season we launch new ideas and every season is different. For example, we have a romantic floating table concept on the lake in the summer, a dinner under the stars or a buffet in the snow for the lantern trail. We are open 11 months of the year, which allows us to really play with the cycle of the seasons. Our great pride is the fish market that we offer every Thursday evening in summer. The concept was born from a question: often, even by the sea, the fish goes through Paris, so why not do it here? Fish is not much consumed in assembly because it is difficult to keep a line of fresh fish. So we created a logistics line from the famous Parisian market of Rungis. The lorry leaves at two in the morning and arrives here around noon. The fish we serve in the evening is therefore as fresh as in Brittany. This allows us to offer surprising and varied fish from all over the world, such as parrot fish or marlin. The principle is then to pay for the fish by the gram, which allows our customers to taste four or five different fish instead of just eating a big fillet. The fish, fresh as on holiday, is then grilled. The evening is special, even for us, we often have live music, you feel like you are on holiday. I am very proud to offer a magical evening. Restaurant La Plage Impasse de la Plage, 3963 Crans-Montana +41 (0)27 481 27 87