Altitude Magazine N° 11.

45 ALTITUDE english version THE FOOT LAB METHOD As a child Patrick La Spina was passionate about football, and now he has developed a new method of football training that focuses on the personal development of each player - from grassroots to professionals. It is a subject that Patrick finds fascinating, he says: "What really interests me is the individual coaching of the football player. We all need someone to reach out to us at some point, to give us advice." Patrick has also worked in many clubs with this methodology, and he was even the technical coach of FC Basel for five years. Today, this method is recognised and used in the biggest clubs in Europe. The Foot Lab approach aims to provide specific tools so that players can increase their potential and their playing techniques in an optimal way. To this end, training courses for coaches are offered in Crans-Montana. To date, more than 10,000 coaches from all over Europe have come to develop, or discover, this new type of coaching based on the development of the individual and their movement. In addition, Foot Lab provides training to professional clubs and national federations in Switzerland and throughout Europe. ZIDANE FIVE CLUB Former Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane also recognised the potential of this unique approach as he personally chose Patrick La Spina to develop the training methodology for his football school in France, the Zidane Five Club. SUMMER CAMPS FOR YOUNG PEOPLE Since 2010, Foot Lab has been offering football camps for young people aged 8 to 15 in Crans- Montana. The young people who participate in these camps come from all over Europe to gather around their common passion, football. The training revolves around three axes: motivation, progression and confidence. "It's all about motivation. If the child is motivated, he will naturally progress and if he progresses, he will be confident," says Patrick La Spina. All the coaches who supervise the camps are trained in the Foot Lab method, thus guaranteeing a very high quality content and a flawless progression of the players. The coaching is also individualised, allowing young people to participate regardless of their starting level. Two options are available for these camps: half board or full board. It is therefore possible to take part in the camp while going home in the evening, or to benefit from day and night coaching allowing a complete immersion similar to that experienced by professional players. These camps are extremely comprehensive and not only develop the technical skills of the young players but also offer an educational programme to raise awareness of nutrition, the role of sleep and injury prevention. FOOT LAB, A UNIQUE WAY OF TEACHING FOOTBALL FOOT LAB Case Postale 1773, 1211 Genève 1