Altitude Magazine N° 11.

30 The second creation, associated with a sacred yidaki called dhadalal, brings to life sculptures representing the Mokuy spirits who communicate with the deceased in the sacred territory of Balambala. Around the sculptures, these spirits come to life and dance through a monumental video mapping installation. RECUPERATION: A TRIBUTE TO THE EARTH The exhibition also focuses on the work of Gunybi Ganambarr, a respected yidaki player and former construction worker, who occupies a special place among contemporary Aboriginal artists. While he too is deeply attached to tradition, through his respect for the Law and the songs of his clan, he renews it in a very personal way by using ancestral motifs and materials that he recovers from the mining sites of his region. From now until 17 April 2022, the echo of an unusual horn will resound in the Alps, across mountains and seas. Its sound bridge will once again allow the Opale Foundation to bear witness to the value of cultural exchanges, by highlighting the profoundly creative wisdom, anchored in the present, that Aboriginal artists excel at perpetuating and which they generously share with the world. The voice of the Yidaki carries the soul of the Earth. Its breath has the breadth of universality. To allow oneself to be permeated by its vibration is to be connected to all that lives. It is to be alive. Exhibition BREATH OF LIFE - Life is but a breath, from 13 June 2021 to 17 April 2022. Art centre open from Wednesday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm. Restaurant L'Opale: open Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 9.30am to 7pm, Friday and Saturday from 9.30am to 11pm. The exhibition is curated by Fondation Opale curator Georges Petitjean and Professor John Carty, Director of Humanities at the South Australian Museum (Adelaide, Australia) and Director of the National Centre for Aboriginal Languages and Music at the University of Adelaide. The BREATH OF LIFE exhibition features works from the Bérengère Primat Collection, with additional works on loan from the Christian Som, Michiel Teijgeler, Willi Grimm, Arnaud culture