Altitude Magazine

55 ALTITUDE Here we are, catch your breath, you’re back in your armchair and, like me, you may be a little less ‘cloche’ than before! As far as I’m concerned, I used to say before my visits up there, that cows were like beautiful cars, I admire the body, but I have no idea about the mechanics. Today, I can tell you, these cows have a lot under the hood! The Mudry Family and their team, mountain people you would imagine harsh and silent, they have big hearts! They love their work and talk about it with passion. Their companionship, their pep and joyfulness are great to discover, as much as their know how! They shape and maintain the landscape, that is absolutely essential! We should not forget the harshness and the number of tasks to be accomplished, every day! Once more, respect! Jeremy and I will remember forever the warm welcome they had for us. Just thinking of it gives me thrills, with gratitude, they are warmly thanked! Di-ding, di-ding, di-ding…Meuh!