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94 local life T HE end of the year has been busy for Marcel Bonvin & Son / which has acquired Geo Bonvin PLC, a firm specialising in plumbing and roofing for commercial and domestic settings. Vincent Bonvin, director of the construction firm, also known as , explains the reasons behind the acquisition of Geo Bonvin: "The company in question is renowned in the area or its quality of workmanship. It was therefore an opportunity that had to be seized." As an interesting fact, Marcel Bonvin - founder of the company Marcel Bonvin & Son - had worked for over a year and a half for Geo Bonvin before starting his own business in the same industry. Vincent Bonvin adds: "This acquisition is the culmination of discussions started a year or so ago, after both parties had gained a deeper understanding of each other and trust was established between the two. Although it will be a change, there will still be customers can be assused there will be no disruption to service during the acquisition." For a start, the same premises will be maintained and also the other offices. The manager of the new company that will be integrated into Marcel Bonvin & Son, called Bureau & Ateliers Crans-Montana, will be Angelo Rossi who has been working at Geo Bonvin for 15 years. Thierry Emery, the current director who is retiring, will ensure a smooth handover. Current customers will not experience any changes to their service but they will be able to benefit from the new firm's expertise in heating and ventilation technology. Within Marcel Bonvin & Son, special attention is given to training with six to 10 apprentices being taught every year. This philosophy will continue in the new company, bringing great opportunities for young people interested in a career within building technology. Marcel Bonvin and Son believe that in order to provide the best possible services, you have to be able to trust your team to carry out a job to the standards expected by the customer. This is why they advocate the values of Confidence and Quality - and these will be passed onto the new structure. Vincent Bonvin says: "With my brothers, Jerome and David, we are delighted by this new beginning. We are pleased to take on this trained team who know their customers well and are fully motivated to make the most of this transition." GEO BONVIN PLC sanitaire, chauffage, ventilation, Votre meilleur choix ! Atelier & Bureau Crans-Montana Rue de l’Ehanoun 6 – CH-3963 Crans-Montana T. +41 (0)27 481 27 17 - sanitaire, chauffage, ventilation, ferblanterie-couverture, étanchéité, dé Maîtrises Fédérales Votre mei