Altitude Immobilier

77 ALTITUDE english version A S well as being an exceptional playground for seasoned skiers and even those who are still learning, Crans-Montana is also the birthplace of a new initiative to let people with reduced mobility enjoy the sport. From the winter season 2020 this new project will be set up by the Handiski Association of Crans-Montana. The Association will be using Dualskis with professional instructors so the reduced- mobility customer can experience the exhilaration and fun of ski-ing the slopes. This initiative will be suitable for all those with motor impairments and those with learning difficulties. The Dualski has a removable carbon seat so it can still be used on chairlifts. The seat is then connected to a pair of short skis while the instructor is behind on another pair of skis, also shorter than traditional ones. Throughout the session the skier can, if they are able to, tilt their upper body to trigger the turns themselves. For the more proficient, the Handiski Association would like to eventually be able to offer Uniski training. These are more advanced and are aimed at the skier using them independently. This time the customer sits on a chair on skis but also has Stabilos, rods with a skate on the end, that they can use rather like ski poles, to tackle the slopes alone. Olivier Jacobs is the president of the Handiski Association and for him the choice of Crans-Montana was an easy one as the resort is at the forefront of promoting accessibility. Newer cablecars such as the one to Arnouva, allow people with reduced mobility to be able to enter in a wheelchair and even the older ones have adapted seats. The local community has responded positively to this initiative. Olivier can already count on the support of organisations such as the country club Sierrois, but he is always on the lookout for generous donors as each Dualski costs nearly CHF 10'000. For anyone who is interested in discovering more about this unique project, the Association is having an open day on January 18, 2020 to offer demonstrations of the Dualski. Olivier Jacobs is also head of Adrenatur, which offers a wide range of outdoor activities for the summer. In the near future Olivier, in collaboration with Crans-Montana Tourism and the ACCM (Association of Communes of Crans-Montana), would like to develop a range of summer activities that people with reduced mobility can enjoy. An exciting prospect to look forward to! ASSOCIATION HANDISKI CRANS- MONTANA