Altitude Immobilier

71 ALTITUDE M odern life with its constant squeeze on our time - children, work, chores - makes it is hard to find space for oneself. But everyone needs to take a little time out from the whirlwind of daily activities to heal and recharge their batteries. For a good place to start to take better care of yourself the Crans Montana BioMassage and Cosmetics Institute offers the ideal solution. A paradise for relaxation and wellbeing, Niwa - meaning garden in Japanese - is a massage therapy institute in the centre of Crans Montana. Although relaxation is important, it is sometimes not enough which is why Niwa focuses on therapy and healing. To achieve this the clinic has different therapists all of whom specialise in various fields in order tomeet their clients' needs and expectations. THE THERAPISTS: GERALDINE BONVIN Having created the institute, Geraldine offers prenatal therapy and reflexology. She qualified at the Au Beaurivage Center Sarl focussing on anatomy and pathology. It is well known that sometimes a shock can affect the body which is why Geraldine treats  the emotional as well as the physical. As she says, do not wait for your body to sound the alarmbefore going for a consultation. She advises everyone: "Do not wait for pain!" SACHA BONVIN An approved therapist, Sacha practises ortho- bionomy. This method, based on the foundations of osteopathy, stimulates healing  in order to relieve and rebalance the body. ANGELIQUE CUENOT Having completed part of her training in India, this therapist offers Ayurvedic massages. Angelique has also created other massage treatments for the mother-to-be as well as postpartum. She also teaches baby massage classes for new parents. In addition to her therapeutic  treatments she can also offer facials which are specifically designed for each individual's skin type. ANNE BOBIER Specialising in clinical, therapeutic massage, Anne also offers a more specific massage targeted at golfers. Like Angelique, she can also perform personalised facials. THIERRY BARRAS Those who have an appointment with Thierry have a choice of traditional Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage or a sports massage. COMING SOON The institute will soon be offering an organic waxing for a reasonable price. ORGANIC COSMETICS Organic products are natural, and kind to the skin. At Niwa, there is a wide range of organic products for sale from different brands, including those used by Anne and Angelique for their personalised facials. Niwa is currently developing its own brand, Niwa Cosmetics. This range will use apricots from Valais and will be available from the end of 2019. The products will also be used for the personalised facial. During the treatment a floral essence is matched to the customer's skin type to ensure the product is totally designed to suit them. These floral essences will also be on sale at the institute for clients to continue their treatment at home.  And with Christmas fast approaching, what better time to select a beautiful gift box for a loved one. TIME FOR YOURSELF The motto at Niwa is: take your time. Although treatment sessions are usually one hour, once the treatment is over clients are encouraged to take time to relax afterwards - and they can even make the most of the light therapy lamp at Niwa. Whatever you do, just take your time.... NIWA INSTITUT DE MASSO- THÉRAPIE & COSMÉTIQUE BIO