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62 The new face of the pharmacy Winter is here and with it all the little niggles that accompany it. But do not worry, the Residence pharmacy in Crans Montana has everything you need to cope with all the season can throw at you. Mr Rouvinez founded this well-established pharmacy in 1971 and he has taken the time to pass his knowledge onto the next generation. On September 1 this year Élodie Bagnoud joined the team as the new manager. She was already familiar with the Residence, having previously completed her apprenticeship there. After completing her apprenticeship, Élodie took time out to work for a pharmacy in German Switzerland in order to improve her language skills - an essential quality for a pharmacist. Her career then moved to Neuchâtel, where she spent two years training at the École Supérieur de Droguerie. By speaking to Élodie about her profession her passion for the subject is obvious. "I especially love doing the preparations, it's like I'mmaking magic potions," she says. What she also loves about the business is liaising with the customers. In order for treatments and products to be as efficient as possible there needs to be good communication. For Élodie this means following up with her customers to make sure the medicines are working and to make amendments and tweaks where necessary. As Élodie says, "Finding the right product!" During her training Élodie also learned specifically about Spagyria - the art of separating and combining the main components of plants. Using this extraction method she has been able to apply it to essential oils. Using her knowledge she can create tailormade oils to specifically target her customer's needs. The most requested preparations are ones to relieve rheumatism and to regulate sleep disorders. At the Residence pharmacy you will discover a range of products, the majority of which consist of so-called traditional medicines (they do not provide prescription drugs). But the tailormade preparations are offered alongside a wide range of therapeutic herbal teas. Besides this, you will also find products that focus on both dietetics and cosmetics. Currently, the team consists of Jean-Pierre Rouvinez and his partner Dominique Mommer and, more recently, Elodie Bagnoud. However, as teaching is an important element for them, there are two apprentices and one pre- apprentice on the team who are all eager to learn in this stimulating environment. Need advice ? Only one address: the Residence’s drugstore, where the whole team will be happy to welcome you! vie locale DRUGSTOREOFTHERESIDENCE