Altitude Immobilier

23 ALTITUDE english version VINTAGES As far as vintages are concerned, there is a peculiarity to note about their labels. In fact, each of them has a roman number indicating the edition. Thus the initial edition dating from 2011 was awarded the figure I. THE TERROIR Above all these four wine lovers wish to pass on their passion and show that Valais is an area rich in terroir, which can be summed up as the climate, soil, terrain and traditions.  As Johanna Dayer says: "We don't have to blush against other wine regions, we are lucky to live in a magnificent canton enriched by its mosaic of terroirs, soils and grape varieties." In order to ensure its rich heritage can be preserved, the Clos de Tsampehro has given itself the mission of replanting old indigenous varieties in danger of disappearing. In the long term their goal would be to encourage other producers to continue this process. SHARING THEIR EXPERTISE From the beginning, it started out as a venture for four wine enthusiasts. Although they draw strength from their four different personalities, they are aware that they would not exist without their clientele. That is why they promise quality, transparency and loyalty. Always ready to share their passion, they take their time to show visitors around. In particular they will accompany customers to the vineyards and allow them to try wines from the cellar. More than just wine, they want to sell emotion, sharing and conviviality.